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Mission Statement

The Mission of Starlings Volleyball, USA is to positively impact the lives of at-risk girls through the sport of volleyball

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Starlings believes the sport of volleyball is ideal for the inner cities and rural areas of America — inexpensive, noncontact and inherently a social game requiring communication and cooperation. Girls playing volleyball in the United States outnumber boys 15-1. It is truly the “girl’s game” of America.


While junior club volleyball dues around the nation are often exclusionary, Starlings club dues are dramatically minimized and some girls are provided work opportunities in exchange for monthly dues. Additionally, Starlings clubs raise part of their budget through fundraising. The goal is that no girl is excluded due to financial hardship or level of play.

Growth and achievement

Each individual Starlings club is also encouraged to adopt a mentoring program. The aim is not just to provide an opportunity to play a sport, but to nurture personal growth and educational achievement. With that emphasis in mind, Starlings also hosts an annual Literary/Art Contest.

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In essays, poems and letters, those affected by Starlings share their stories.

Starlings Volleyball, USA is an IRS registered, 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization. U.S.-based donations are tax-deductible. All donations go to support Starlings volleyball programs.

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  • By Kyle Scholzen 07/29/2020, 4:48pm PDT
  • "USA Volleyball is committed to creating a welcoming environment for everyone involved in the sport"
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