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Starlings Impact

Starlings players wave

More than a game

Playing a sport and being part of a team has a wealth of benefits for girls. Consider these statistics:

  • Girls who participate in sports are 92% less likely to get involved with drugs.
  • Girls who participate in sports have a higher level of self esteem.
  • Girls who participate in sports are three times more likely to graduate from high school.
  • Girls who participate in sports are 80% less likely to have an unwanted pregnancy.

Yet club sports are expensive, and that puts the experience out of reach for many. Starlings Volleyball Clubs, USA was created as a way to make club sports accessible to girls of every socioeconomic background. Today, Starlings is the nation's largest junior volleyball club.

Starlings By the Numbers


The year Starlings  began, with a single team at Lincoln High School in San Diego, California.


The number of cities and Native American reservations where Starlings clubs are now found.


The number of girls who have participated in Starlings so far.


The number of college scholarships earned by Starlings.


The percentage of Starlings who have graduated from high school.

Starlings Stories

Read first-hand accounts from those whose lives have been touched by Starlings.

The History of Starlings

Learn more about Starlings' beginning and soaring growth.

Starlings player passes the volleyball

A player from the Tuba City, Arizona, Starlings passes the ball at the 2009 National Championship.

How you can help

Help Starlings change lives by donating your time or money to the national organization or to one of the approximately 60 clubs in more than 50 cities and Native American reservations throughout the U.S. For more information, visit the "Get Involved" page.

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