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Queen City

Queen City Starlings Welcomes You!

The new  Queen City Starlings is a non-profit volleyball program that offers all athletes the opportunity to play at the club level. Our focus is to give underrepresented athletes  the chance to compete.  Junior club volleyball dues continue to increase, reducing the ability of economically challenged athletes to be able to participate.  Starlings club dues are  dramatically minimized to offer the opportunity to athletes from ALL communities. We play at the same competitive level and at the same tournaments as other local clubs.

We invite players from the Charlotte Metrolina area and surrounding counties (e.g., Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, Gaston, Lincoln, Iredell, York, Lancaster).

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Queen City Starlings is a new team and we are looking to grow! If you are interested, please reach us via email,  Queen City Starlings  will be in competing in volleyball tournaments throughout the southeastern region. These regional tournaments are organized and sanctioned by the USAV/AAU/JVA governing bodies.



Queen City Starlings is looking for sponsors just like you to provide opportunities for players to compete! Contact us about being a sponsor and help someone to grow in athletics and in the game of life! Your business would be highlighted here.



Club Resources for Parents & Athletes

In the Club Resources section, you will find useful information for parents and athletes. Starlings Volleyball, USA helps with registration fees for youth, who without financial assistance, would be unable to participate in the Starlings volleyball programs. Thinking about playing in college? There is also helpful information to learn how to recruited to play college volleyball.

Learn more about getting financial assistance and for recruiting resources...

COVID-19 Information

Get COVID-19 updates here.

Coaching during covid

Brenda Meadows

Club Director

Angela Gray

Head Coach 16-1

Breona Young

Assistant Coach 16-1

Lilian Salas

Head Coach 13-1