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Oak Hills-Hesperia Starlings

Oak Hills-Hesperia

We are at the mercy (and graciousness) of our hosting middle schools for facility usage time. Cedar  has now provided us with available Gym/MPR time for us to use through the end of February. 
Please be aware that there are times when the schools will schedule an event (such as choir or band concert) that conflicts with our scheduled practice. We will be required to cancel or move our practice.

Finally, PLEASE REMEMBER that these schools are the backbone to the success of our club. We would not exist without their generosity. Please treat all equipment, facilities, restrooms, and staff with the utmost of respect. Please pick up your water bottles, trash, and belongings before leaving; place equipment neatly and carefully into equipment closets; replace MPR lunch tables to their proper positions; and leave our schools in a manner that is better in which you found it!!! Your actions directly reflect our club!! We want to ensure that they will invite us back year after year...

Thank you in advance,
Your Starlings Admin and Coaching Staff

Why Play Sports?

The Starlings believe in supporting the participation of girls in volleyball because:

  • Girls who participate in sports are 92% less likely to get involved with drugs.
  • Girls who participate in sports are 80% less likely to have an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Girls who participate in sports are three times more likely to graduate from high school.
  • Girls who participate in sports have a higher level of confidence and self esteem.
  • Girls who participate in sports appreciate hard work, excercise, healthy living & busy schedules


Director Kristina Di Mola
Phone: 562-760-8097