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USA Volleyball Continues to Support Growth of Madison Starlings

By Taylor Salmons, 09/12/18, 6:45PM PDT


USA Volleyball has been a continued advocate for growth at Madison Starlings. Most recently they made a donation of jerseys, volleyballs,  coloring books, and other goodies for the Madison youth to enjoy. Director, Lauri Schwartz, was gracious, stating USA Volleyball's contribution was "incredible and we are deeply honored." She's excited "to share these items in the most meaningful way." The new balls and coloring books have already been put to use at the club's summer camps, enabling full participation. It was extremely helpful to have beginners learn on softer balls and slowly progress to full weight volleyballs. As the club prepares for this fall, they are grateful to have their financial burden relieved and plenty of jerseys to go around! Thanks USA Volleyball!