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Omaha Director Shannon Walker Reflects on Starlings' Part in the Volleyball Boom in Nebraska

By Taylor Salmons, 01/28/18, 8:00PM PST


Shannon Walker has had immense success as a Director and Coach of Starlings Omaha. With nearly 20 seasons under her belt, the number of her former players who have gone on to play at the college level is innumerable, with over 40 of them receiving scholarships.

Omaha Magazine recently reached out to Walker for her insight on the rising level of youth volleyball in Nebraska. The achievements of volleyball powerhouses Creighton University and University of Nebraska-Omaha have inspired kids all over the state. Walker recognizes “‘the camaraderie’” surrounding volleyball in the state and its importance to youth development: “‘You really have to work together as a unit, communicate, and be six people moving within a tiny space,’” she tells Omaha Magazine. Walker goes on to express her belief in equal access to “the experience” of having a “volleyball family/community.” Though many children in Nebraska and elsewhere are excited about volleyball, many may not have the means to play at a competitive level. For Walker, Starlings is invaluable to “broadening volleyball’s reach." She tells the magazine, “‘Our fees are significantly lower than everybody else’s… Anybody that can’t afford to pay, we scholarship.’”

Though Walker always knew the power of volleyball, Starlings has enabled her to see its full potential. She continues to expand its horizons through her mentorship of diverse youth players.