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USAV/Badger Region


To try out, be on a team or participate in Open Gyms, all athletes must have a USA Volleyball/Badger Region membership. USAV provides our insurance and all clubs require this.


Once registered with the Madison Starlings, you should have received an email from Sports Engine with subject: Invite: Join Madison Starlings. Follow the prompts in the email to confirm your acceptance. If you do not have a Sports Engine account, you will be prompted to create one. Please use the same parent email for your Sports Engine account as you do for your Badger Region Membership!



Once you have confirmed/created your Sports Engine account, go to the USAV/Badger Region website to purchase your Badger Region membership. Please use the same parent email for your Badger Region Membership as you did for your Sports Engine account!

On the "How long will (your child) be participating?" page, choose one of these two options

  • Fall

    • Choose this for Fall Membership- good for tryouts and expires at the end of year

    • Cost is $15 but if you join a Starlings team, you will need to upgrade to the full Junior membership ($35 additional fee)

  • Season

    • Choose this for full 20-21 Badger Junior Membership. It is good until next fall

    • Cost is $50 and includes $20 for USAV Membership and $30 for the Badger Region sub-membership

At the end of the registration, you will see your new membership card like shown here. Bring this to tryouts (screenshot or paper).

Note: If you qualify for Free/Reduced lunch, arrive early to tryouts for assistance with your Badger Region USAV membership.



Once your USAV Badger Region Membership is purchased, from your Sports Engine account, click on your player under the 'Household' section (Note your screen may look different than the examples here depending on what device or browser you are using)


Once in the player details, click 'View Details' at the bottom of the 'Badger Region Volleyball' box


In the Badger Region details page, you will see the requirements already completed. Click 'USAV ACADEMY' in the upper-right corner to see any requirements you still need to complete.


You will be re-directed to your account USAV website where you can complete any missing requirements. Once completed, these should show up under 'Completed Requirements' in Sports Engine, as shown above.


Click here to see membership options, click here to help determine which membership level you need


For help, please call Badger region at 262-349-9785 or e-mail them at They can arrange for other forms of payment to be mailed in, such as cash or check.