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Literary/Art Contest

The Starlings philosophy is a holistic one: competition is good but sports should also be fun. Finally, an athlete should seek to develop all her talents. For this reason, we proudly promote our annual Literary/Art Contest.

About the contest

The Starlings Literary/Art Contest debuted at the 2000 National Championship and has proven to be a highlight of each season since.

Once a year, all girls in a Starlings program are invited to submit artistic and literary works on specific themes and in categories that include essays, poetry, painting, drawing, sculpture and photography.

The winners are honored each year at the Starlings National Championship.

Starlings artwork

2017 Winners

The theme of the 2017 Literary/Art Contest The winners are:


Winner: Grace Rotermund – Omaha
Gold: Kim Hallway – Mission Bay
Gold: Danika Wanish – Madison
Gold: Maya Szestowicki – Mission Bay
Silver: Kailani Griffis – Mission Bay
Silver: Morgan DeSargant – COLA
Silver: Ashley Stokes – Mission Bay
Silver: Cassandra Palanca – Mission Bay

Winner: Kayla Ngo – Mission Bay
Gold: Madison Hulburt – Oak Hills
Gold: Madison Johnston – Mission Bay
Silver: Felicia Opsah – Omaha
Silver: Kiann Wilcher – Columbia
Silver: Ily Attinger – Clairemont
Silver: Erin Young – COLA


2016 Winners

The 2016 theme was “Who Will I Be in 20 Years?” The winners are:

6th grade

Erin Young – COLA

Mia Feighan – Mission Bay
Milan Harris – South Mountain

7th & 8th grade

Madison Hulburt – Oak Hills

Cami Sweet – San Diego Navajo

9th & 10th grade

Ashley Stokes – Mission Bay
Sally Hewett – Tehachapi
Dia Moore-Freeman – Indianapolis

11th & 12th grade

Alexxis Hulburt – Oak Hills
Devine Hoskie – Shonto
Stephanie Schaffer – San Diego Navajo