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Literary/Art Contest

The Starlings philosophy is a holistic one: competition is good but sports should also be fun. Finally, an athlete should seek to develop all her talents. For this reason, we proudly promote our annual Literary/Art Contest.

About the contest

The Starlings Literary/Art Contest debuted at the 2000 National Championship and has proven to be a highlight of each season since.

Once a year, all girls in a Starlings program are invited to submit artistic and literary works on specific themes and in categories that include essays, poetry, painting, drawing, sculpture and photography.

The winners are honored each year at the Starlings National Championship.


GOLD - Rylee Natoney (Shonto)
SILVER - Bridget Buettner (Mission Bay)
BRONZE - Beila Urban (San Gabriel)

T-GOLD - Mikayla Santaella (Unknown Club)
T-GOLD - Alexa Headley (Brevard County)
SILVER - Jocelyn Claypool (Clairemont)
BRONZE - Lauren Pelot (Mission Bay)

GRAND ART PRIZE - Ily Attinger (Clairemont)
GOLD - Lindsey Fuerte (San Gabriel)
SILVER - Natalie Prohaska (Cedar Rapids)
BRONZE - Isabella Hunt (Mission Bay)

GRAND LITERARY PRIZE - Halei Santiago (San Gabriel)
GOLD - Emme DeSimoni (Oak Hills)
SILVER - Megan White (Clairemont)
BRONZE - Kayelani Maiava (Shonto)

2018 Winners

  • Shi'Shon Bitsoie, Shonto Starlings
  • Bridget Buettner, Mission Bay Starlings
  • Katelin Ho, San Gabriel Starlings
  • Victoria Hwang, San Gabriel Starlings
  • Maya Loper, Eastlake Starlings
  • Elizabeth Murray, Navajo San Diego Starlings
  • Katelynn Ngo, San Gabriel Starlings
  • Megan Small, Ridgecrest Starlings
  • Kaylie Stromsodt, Starlings Oak Hills
  • Lily Tran, Mission Bay Starlings