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Indianapolis Starlings

Starlings Volleyball Club-Indianapolis is part of a nation-wide inner city volleyball program for girls.  The starling is a beautiful black bird-marked with a shimmering rainbow ring around its neck.  The name suggests flight as well as contains the word “star”.  The shimmering rainbow represents the different ethnic backgrounds. The starling is the symbol of the first nation-wide, inner city volleyball program for girls.  A Starlings volleyball club strives to bring inner city girls with limited resources from various ethnic backgrounds together and provide them with volleyball opportunities.  Beyond playing volleyball, the program strongly incorporates life skills and assists all players to prepare for high school graduation, and college entrance.
In 1997, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) agreed to sponsor five new clubs.  Three programs were initiated in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore during the spring of 1997.  In November 1997, Starlings programs were added to the Twin Cities area (Minnesota), Portland, and Indianapolis.
Starlings VBC Indy developed a partnership with the City of Indianapolis: Indy Parks & Recreation-Riverside Family Center in 1997 and this facility has remained our home since our humble beginnings. 

Director Michelle Brittain-Watts
Cell:  (317) 201-6422