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COVID-19 Information, Updates, & Additional Resources

Starlings Response to COVID-19


Starlings return to play 

With the support of our partners, we will continue to provide wonderful online resources for our members and clubs through digital media channels. Please utilize our resources and links on this page and follow us on social media for exclusive tips, drills, conditioning and other content created for you by the USA National Team athletes, coaches and training staff.  New content is being produced and uploaded on a regular basis and is available free of charge.



Until COVID-19 is either eradicated, a vaccine is developed, or a cure is found, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of infection and as a result USAV strongly encourages all participants to follow these recommendations as safety precautions. The information in this document is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, nor does USAV or its forty (40) Regional Volleyball Associations (Region(s)) assume any liability or responsibility for the recommendations provided herein.

Read the complete Return to Play Guidelines


Some fun ideas to share with your coaches and teams while you are unable to get in the gym:

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The Art of Coaching Volleyball's HOME DRILLS & SKILLS CHALLENGE!

Click the link below for access to the program:  

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Things to do at home

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New Quick Hits are live! Each 2-3 minute video features USA youth national team head coach Jim Stone covering a very specific aspect of the game.

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15 ways to engage players

New clinic sessions -

$10 Per Session

AOC Playlists: Easy & FREE

Making AOC playlists

Make and Share AOC Playlists in Minutes

Finding new ways to connect with your team when you can't be together in the gym can be challenging. Fortunately, we've got a simple solution for you: Use our shareable pre-made video and article playlists at the bottom of this email or create your own with content from the Art of Coaching Volleyball.

How to set up an AOC playlist

Begin by browsing the AOC Volleyball website to find your favorite content from our vast library. Then follow the simple instructions below to create and share in minutes!


First, browse the AOC library to find your favorite content.  Then, FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS:

AOC playlist setup

Click on the gray +Playlist button under your selected video.


AOC playlist setup

Enter your playlist name in the text box and click on Create New List.


AOC playlist setup

Select the button next to the desired playlist and click Add.

AOC playlist setup

Hover over the My Dashboard menu at top and click My Playlists.


AOC playlist setup

Click the three dots to the right of any playlist and select Share.


AOC playlist setup

Copy the playlist link URL, paste it into an email or text, and send.

- OR -

Start sharing now with pre-made playlists

Looking for useful home training content to share with your players right away? We've compiled some of our best stuff on serving, attacking and setting in the pre-made playlists below. Your athletes will be able to easily access and view the content, then put what they learn into practice at home. Simply click, save and send!

Serving playlist

Serving Playlist

Attacking playlist

Attacking Playlist

Setting playlist

Setting Playlist

Sample Training Calendar

Outlier Sports Consulting and JVA have teamed up to provide their own form of resources, guidance and structure with the “COVID-19 Training Calendar for clubs.

How to Support Your Athletes During COVID-19

John O'Sullivan hosted a webinar last week that shared helpful information for coaches, parents and directors. Click the link below to view the webinar. View PDF handout here.

View webinar

Volleyball Building Blocks: Power Circuit to do at home

Here is a set of 5 exercises that can be performed by volleyball players of all levels with limited equipment needs. This building block is designed as a power circuit to mix in with your regular volleyball sessions.

View workout


We recommend that athletes do these circuits 3 to 5 times a day for 3 days a week for your maximum benefit.

Middle-school athletes: 3-minute workout circuits
Complete each exercise 10x or counting to 10 (one Mississippi, two Mississippi …) in this order:

  • Lunges, Planks, Squats, Power Sit-ups, Pushups, Jumping Jacks, Standing Toe Touches

High-school athletes: 7-minute workout circuits
Complete each exercise 20x in this order:

  • Lunges, Planks, Squats, Power Sit-ups, Pushups, Jumping Jacks, Standing Toe Touches