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Miami Starlings

News for the Miami area...Stay tuned for more!!

We are hoping to get something rolling for this summer, and for years to come if possible. I recently reached out to Mindy Herris-Manager of U.M.'s Community Relations Department ,seeking a little advice from the "Pros".  I got more than just ideas, I got great , actionable type advice. In the brief time I spoke with her, she offered more possibilities than I have received in the entire 11 months that I have been trying to put this program together! I am hopeful that something great will come our way, in the near future. Thank you Mindy!! Go Canes!!

I know I have said that we are close to getting started, time after time, over the past 11 months, and nothing has materialized (yet!). But on the positive side, all the necessary paper work, insurance, and  other-"not fun" stuff is in place. When an opportunity does present itself, we are ready to move forward.

I can't say exactly what I'm working on right now , but..... there may be very promising news coming soon. At the very least, we may (hopefully) find a way to get our little program some forward momentum. Meanwhile, please check back frequently. I will post news as soon as I have it! Spread the word. Tell your friends, family or anyone who will listen-"The Starlings Miami volleyball club is alive and well."  We need everyone's help, to make this a reality.

Stay tuned. Stay positive. Stay strong!

Coach Tom


Where it all started for Miami. July 2016!!

The picture below is our core group and few extra well wishers, including Coaches for our "sister club" -Brevard Starlings. I made that trip to Cocoa to meet Coach Howell, in hopes he would share his insight and offer me a bit of guidance. I left there 2 days later with a new friend for life, and a true sense of purpose.  Thanks Coach Fred !!


Director: Tom Drevyn
Phone: 786-417-3156

All dressed up, and nobody to play with....yet.

All dressed up and nowhere to go!!